Walter "Harrison" Cady


Harrison Cady was active and lived in New York, Massachusetts and the South. He is known for illustration, cartoons, landscape painting and etching. He is best known for the work he did with Thornton Burgess in illustrating Peter Rabbit in his books.

Little has been said in Cady’s biographies about the time he spent in the South (New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina). From the late 1920s through the 1950s, he searched out the last frontier east of the Mississippi River for the subject matter of his art, such as the stately architecture and magnificent plantation gardens of the deep South.

Cady was especially fond of the area around Burnsville and Spruce Pine, N.C., where he did a series of paintings in both watercolor and oil, along with a group of etchings. There was a great interest in the 1930s in Appalachian subjects. Cady saw the landscape and the people of the Appalachians as a dying part of the American saga and worked to capture it.

Harrison Cady’s Southern work was exhibited at the Salmagundi Club’s Spring Exhibition in 1950. He also exhibited at the National Academy of Design and held membership with the society of American Etchers and the Watercolor Society. Cady had solo exhibitions at the Macbeth Gallery and was part of the New York World’s Fair in 1939.

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