Powell, Lucien

Powell was born to an aristocratic family on Levinworth Manor in Upperville, Virginia in 1846. He moved to Philadelphia to study with Thomas Moran in the late 1860’s after serving in the 11th Virginia Calvary during the war.

Lucien was a landscape painter who was an enthusiastic devotee of J.M.W. Turner the English painter of landscapes and traveled to London in 1875 where he studied Turners work at the London School of Art. In 1901, he made a trip to the Grand Canyon to sketch and paint. Powell is recognized for his luminous views of the Grand Canyon. (The painting shown here is from one of his sketches done during the Grand Canyon trip)

Powell exhibited at the Louisville Industrial Exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky in the 1870’s, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 1906 “Afterglow” Grand Canyon (now a part of the Corcoran Museum Collection), Corcoran Gallery 1907-1908, Washington (DC) Watercolor Club and National Gallery                                                         

His paintings are in the Museum Collections of the Corcoran Museum, National Gallery, High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, The Johnson Collection, Spartanburg, South Carolina and Morris Museum, Augusta Georgia

Powell was a member of the Society of Washington Artists and the Washington Watercolor Club and J. Edgar Hoover owned several of Powell’s paintings.

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